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Dear All,

Yesterday I got into my first street fight in China. I couldn’t have asked for a l better test of skill or setting. I was walking down one of those narrow streets where you can smell delicious food and some kind of harmfull chemical all at the same time when I heard the challenge issued. I turned to look and realized there was not one but two of them. They had already sunken into deep stances, poised and ready for me to accept the challenge. I sank into my own stance and gave a very slight bow to show my respect and readiness. I will admit that although confident with my years of training and skill I was a bit nervous, these guys definitely looked like they knew their stuff. We stared at one  another motionless for what seemed like the entire length of Dr. Zhivago, but less boring…and Russian. What happened next was a blur of fists, feet and a bunch of Chinese I didn’t understand and then it was over. They were summoned back into the family shop by their laughing mother as I surveyed my body for a damage report. It’s true that they were only about 5 or 7 years old, but think I really kicked their asses. They paused as they entered the threshold of the shop and looked back at me. Their faces told me that I was right, that they had lost and brought shame and dishonor on their family name, but there was always tomorrow. Needless to say I will keep my head on a swivel, next time they may be out for blood.  
Below are a few pictures. the first is a view from the dank smoking room the hotel supplied me with when I arrived. The second is the room they gave me after they realized their error. 
Miss you all,
Mendel or Lu Pei De (the name my high school Chinese teacher used to call me)
PS I really did have a bout with these two little kids yesterday, but no one was hurt and their Mom did laugh. 
Oh yeah, I got a haircut.
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