Witkem House

a Crown Heights house-in-progress

This morning Tumblr sent us an email congratulating us on our 2nd anniversary.

Two years blogging also marks two years here at Witkem House.

Out in the back, what once was a mosquito-infested trash heap is now a little oasis. The winter rose sent up new stems and has been blooming throughout the summer - bright pink fragrant flowers! A volunteer cherry tomato plant has sprouted up with such enthusiasm that it’s nearly taller than me. And Weedy, the little weed I stuck in a spare pot when we were excavating the back last year, has now become a beautiful shrub.

Inside and out front, Witkem looks less and less like a work-in-progress, although it always will be (because where’s the fun in never changing a thing?).
Having indoor space and a back yard in NYC means that we’ve hosted a large number of friends for dinners, brunches, weekend visits, and extended stays, and our lives are so much richer for that. Our Witkem family has grown to be much larger than the six of us who live here. Winding down a long day by sitting in the backyard with friends & family, watching the sky change colors and the stars emerge, eating delicious food - that’s just about as close to bliss as I can imagine.


The Witkem House crew & friends escaped the heat of Brooklyn to celebrate the 4th on the 6th with Mendel’s family. We worked up appetites in a tied softball game, were treated to a delicious feast (like a Witkem House BBQ on steroids), and watched an epic backyard fireworks show created by Mendel and his crew! There were lots of kids (of all ages) throwing water balloons and lighting sparklers. And of course a game of Scottish Reach.
stay cool!

That piece of stained glass that came with Witkem is becoming the window for the second floor bathroom. Mendel installed a vent with a pipe that travels up through the shaftway and exits through the preexisting vent at the top. It’s an uncomfortable time of year to be at the top of a ladder, and today is just too hot for that. Our neighbors are pumping tunes in the backyard and firing up their grill. Happy 4th!

June at Witkem House comes to an end. There were ups and downs this month. One of our geranium boxes in the front was stolen. We had a surprise leak in the third floor bathroom. Mendel had to cut a big hole in the drop ceiling of the second floor bathroom so the cracked pipe could be fixed; he is now installing a new vent and making a new ceiling.

Between the heavy rains Mendel fed us all with lots of delicious bbq and made adobo chicken that may be the best Witkem dish yet. Molly perfected sorrel tea. Our pal Meg spent June in the hospital after being run over by a truck and her sweet mom was our 7th housemate for the month. Last week Meg was able to maneuver on crutches well enough to leave the hospital! Austin started up a podcast called Broken Legs, Meladonna got a fancy new LED hula hoop and crafted more fabulous costumes in the Witkem costume shop (which doubles as the third floor office and triples as the dining room), Joe continued to write highly entertaining things, and I juggled projects and performances with the amazing support of the Witkem crew…

And now for July!